Walk In Shower And Its Benefits

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Transforming the old bathtub to a trendy walk in shower is quite popular among present generation Australian people. The walk in shower can provide illusion of more spacing and offer your bathroom with clean and neat look more than ever before. If you are thinking of creating spa-like sanctuary then you will get necessary details regarding walk in shower below.


About Walk In Showers


When compared with other shower fittings, a walk in shower is modernised addition for bathroom because it offers pleasure showering experience and brilliantly makes use of space. It is free of doors so you can get luxurious, contemporary and fresh accessory for your house. With stylish walk in shower for your bathroom, you are sure to avail spacious and open showering experience. Its unobtrusive door-free design will not have a significant impact on any other bathroom fittings.


Benefits of Using a Walk In Shower


There are plenty of benefits having walk in shower for your bathroom. Some of them are given below:

  • Unlike other standard stalls, walk in shower does not need door or curtain to obstruct water spray so you can get good experience than your desire. It results in spacious and open look bath experience.
  • Another excellent benefit is multi-nozzle spray feature in the walk in shower as it is a regular feature in most of the walk in showers. As per your individual need, you can include either ten spray nozzles or more than that to direct water to various parts of your body to fullest freedom.
  • As prefab units will have shallow hobs to avoid excess water from flowing on the bathroom floor, but custom walk in showers are made with no hobs. Instead, it has gentle sloping floor so that you can have easy accessibility. It is an excellent benefit for those who are suffering from mobility problems or joint injuries.


Difference between Other Shower Types and Walk In Showers


Besides from the streamlined design that does not use any doors; walk in shower will have distinct drying area. It means that instead of stepping out the shower cubicle to get dry, just step to your side, get your towel, and stay warm as you use your towel to get dry, without pouring water on the bathroom floor.


How to Choose a Walk In Shower


  • The size of the walk in shower will be evaluated by the amount of floor spacing found in your bathroom. Homeowners have plenty of decorative leeway in terms of customised design.
  • You can choose your desired colour and style of tiles for the walls and floor.
  • Decide upon the shape such as geometrics including hexagonal lines, rectangles, and squares that are quite popular instead you can also choose for any other wall shape like curved wall as well when you have more spacing.


Tips to Take Care of a Walk In Shower


If you have updated your Australian bathroom with a new walk in shower then you need to consider these steps to make your shower look and smell great.

  • Turn on the exhaust fan of bathroom to eliminate excessive humidity present in the room before taking a shower.
  • After taking a shower, make use of shower spray regularly to avoid soap residue. Lightly spray on the bathroom floors and tiles to prevent shedding water and eliminate hard water and soap scum deposits.


If you are thinking of bathroom renovation, then the walk in shower is perfect option for your bathroom to take a shower quickly without any complication. The installation process is also quite simple and easy when done by professionals.


Contact the Intrend Bathrooms team today to discuss your bathroom renovation.