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For your luxury Gold Coast bathroom renovations, look no further than Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors. Our friendly service and expert advice makes Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors the Gold Coast’s most professional bathroom, kitchen and interior renovator.

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With over 15 years’ experience in the kitchen and bathroom industry on the Gold Coast, you can rest assured that we will deliver the best possible result for your home during your kitchen, whole-home or bathroom renovations.

We utilise only the most superior products in our Gold Coast bathroom renovations, so you can be certain that the result will be nothing short of perfection. In fact, we also offer full home and apartment renovations, for clients wishing to make over their entire home to the same high-quality standard.


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We understand that your home is your most important investment, and for this reason we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and expert advice.

Our experience with Gold Coast bathroom renovations, as well as kitchen and whole-home renovations over the past 15 years sets us apart from the rest of the industry. Our dedication to customer satisfaction, and superior customer service makes Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors the preferred renovation specialist for many Gold Coast and Brisbane clients.

In fact, as Gold Coast locals, we are never more than a phone call or a short drive away, which means that your Gold Coast bathroom renovations, or whole-home renovations are always our top priority. We understand that our Gold Coast clients expect a renovation of the highest quality, and our years of experience in the area gives us an intimate understanding of not only our clients’ needs, but of market trends and how to make the most out of your renovation.

Client Testimonials

Thinking of renovating your bathroom? Here is your ultimate guide.

Committing to a bathroom renovation can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned renovators. However, here at Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors, we have an in-depth understanding of the bathroom renovation sector which means we have plenty of tips and tricks that allow us to meet our clients’ needs in the most seamless and stress-free way possible. The revolution of the bathroom has been immense overtime—the domestic bathroom as we know it, was born from a bathroom outhouse which eventually transitioned to a glorified shed with a tin bath and fireplace for warmth. Bathrooms today are vital and heavily utilised within every home. Having a functional, space maximising and cohesive bathroom design within your home has proven to increase return on investment for your property and helps in creating buyers buzz when your home is listed for sale. By updating your bathroom with more modern fixtures and fittings you have the ability to create an entirely new space that will instantly increase the appeal of your home to all.

The key is to never be disheartened to renovate if you have a smaller floor plan! Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors have provided clients with smaller bathrooms, amazing results due to years of industry experience transforming both small/micro bathrooms and large million-dollar home bathrooms. For more examples of the impressive work completed by Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors, see our renovation gallery.

If you have thought long and hard about undertaking a bathroom renovation—Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors offer expert services, space optimisation advice and only utilise the most qualified professionals which will save you money long term. Undertaking a bathroom renovation with multiple tradespeople that aren’t on the same page has proven to be costly for many novice renovators. Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors has a cohesive team of bathroom renovation professionals who can ensure your project is seamless from beginning to end.

Why get a professional for bathroom renovations?

It is a question that every homeowner or bathroom renovator asks themselves; should I DIY or call a tradie? There are many benefits to DIY, like saving some cash and the buzz of doing it yourself, there are equally good reasons, health and safety for one – why some jobs are best left to the pros.

Many tasks around the home are actually too dangerous to undertake without formal training, while others require specialised equipment not to mention expertise.

For some jobs, such as plumbing, electrical, or structural building work, it is actually a legal requirement to hire a professional licensed tradie. Opting to DIY your bathroom renovation could land you in hot water, with a fine or much worse.

How much do bathroom renovations cost?

A bathroom renovation can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 or more, depending on the size of your bathroom, and how much your materials and fittings are. $17,000 is the average cost of a bathroom renovation in Australia.

For your bathroom renovations we recommend budgeting $15,000 to $30,000 for your project. This is what most people spend, and you get better materials and fittings.

For the more luxury premium bathroom renovations budget $30,000+. This will allow for custom bespoke vanities, freestanding bath, high end lighting, premium tap-ware, and different kinds of materials for your basins including stone, concrete, and metal.

How long does a bathroom renovation take?

In Australia a bathroom renovation takes between 13 and 25 days. These averages are just guidelines your bathroom renovation could take more or less time. It depends on these factors:

The average 13-25 days may not be consecutive, as they don’t include planning, project quoting and picking out style features for your new bathroom.

We will always be as transparent as possible and keep you updated on the timeline.

How long does a bathroom renovation take?

A bathroom renovation is generally considered to increase the value of home significantly, with recent homeowner renovators estimating they have added thousands to the value of their home.

Whether a bathroom renovation is structural or simply cosmetic, an attractive bathroom will always appeal to the savvy buyer.

Of course, when it comes to the average cost of bathroom renovations, it really does depend on the existing bathroom and exactly what you want to include in your new bathroom renovation.

Small bathroom specialists: our renovation tips!

Many homes today, specifically those close to a city centre or ones located in dense suburban areas—sport smaller floor plan bathrooms. Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors are small bathroom renovation specialists and can completely overhaul a crowded, enclosed feeling bathroom with space saving design elements, speciality fixtures and fittings that don’t impede on your space along with colour palette tips to give the illusion of more space. Do you have a micro size family bathroom, ensuite or powder room you need transformed? Here are Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors helpful tips to make this happen for you in the most effective way possible.

Capitalise on the natural light!

A design element that can create a sense of grandeur in even the most cramped spaces are skylights. If your bathroom is conveniently located at the top of your home, consider adding one or more skylights to welcome in natural light and create an airy feel. Skylights teamed with strategically placed windows can make any small bathroom feel exceptionally larger and more inviting for guests.

Choose a neutral colour palette.

A completely white bathroom from floor to ceiling, creates the illusion that the space is much larger than it actually is. Darker colour palettes tend to interrupt your line of sight and enclose the space; whereas a bright white palette with neutral elements is a safe, modern and praised design strategy for all small bathroom renovations.

How to best incorporate bold colours?

If you’re craving a pop of colour in your bathroom but don’t want to commit to a feature wall which can make a small space, feel disjointed—opt for bold coloured accessories. This way you’re not stuck with your colour choice indefinitely and can simply swap out your bathroom accessories when desired, even every season if you wish!

Lighting options.

Just because your bathroom is smaller, doesn’t mean you must only incorporate flush to the ceiling downlights (even though these work wonders for small bathrooms). You can absolutely experiment with more dramatic lighting options by strategically placing lighting behind mirrors and in little alcoves personal to your bathroom.

Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors can help you make a huge impact with your small bathroom renovation by helping you welcome as much natural light as possible, by incorporating strategic colour palettes and smart lighting with out of the box design strategy and execution.

The perfect vanity is important for your space!

Your bathroom vanity is an integral part of the design phase for your bathroom renovation—as the right vanity can either shape your room perfectly; or potentially overpower the space in an unappealing way. You must ensure your chosen vanity looks great, but also caters to the functionality needs of your bathroom by providing enough drawer and cupboard space for toiletries. A floating vanity is highly valued in a small bathroom renovation as they allow for less interrupted floor space which makes the bathroom look and feel bigger. Those with a young family often factor in whether children are able to reach the taps of their chosen vanity too. Here is a list of the varying bathroom vanity options supplied by Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors; for you to consider for your upcoming bathroom renovation.

Pedestal sink.

Otherwise known as a freestanding sink, the pedestal sink can look super modern or even bring in an art deco or more traditional feel to your bathroom. When paired with a mirrored medicine cabinet they are ideal for smaller bathrooms as they don’t take up much floor space and will provide adequate storage for toiletries.

Free-standing vanity unit.

This is probably the most common and practical option for your bathroom vanity as you instantly have great under sink storage and some bench space to utilise for important everyday bathroom tasks. Free-standing vanity units are available in almost every material and finish; and will work with almost all bathroom renovation design plans seamlessly.

Vessel sink and vanity unit.

This ultra-modern design consists of a sink that sits on the surface of a counter-top. When paired with the right vanity unit, the vessel sink option gives you a more unique and individualised design which also provides underneath storage and bench space.

Wall mounted sink.

If you need the ultimate space saver, the wall mounted sink is the way to go. You obviously will sacrifice on storage space with this option, but you can also make up for this by incorporating shelving or long and thin free-standing cupboard solutions that don’t impede on your floor space. This option is ideal for a guest powder room.

Bathroom tile tips.

There’s more to finding the right tile than you may think! This is largely dependent on what level of impact you want to make with your bathroom renovation and of course the size of your floor plan.

Tile options can range from extra-large slab tiles to miniature mosaics which have different pros and cons depending on the individual room. If you’re planning an upcoming bathroom renovation be sure to keep in mind:

Larger tile options can be cut off and look disjointed in smaller bathrooms. They may even make a space seem smaller than it actually is!

Mosaic or feature tiles work extremely well around bathroom sinks and vanities.

If you’re opting to use a smaller tile, darker or bold colours can look busy whereas lighter or more neutral colours don’t interrupt your space as much.

If the bathroom floor plan is small, always choose a light, bright colour palette!

Must-knows before renovating your ensuite bathroom.

The ensuite is traditionally a luxurious, relaxation area attached to the master bedroom. However, these days the emphasis is being put more on the main family bathroom which means the ensuite is often overlooked. Many ensuites lack creativity and that luxurious edge due to the overpowering need for functionality. This does not have to be the case! Here at Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors we value an ensuite renovation to the highest degree and have an array of luxurious, cost-effective and highly practical design options available to customers who want to renovate their lacklustre ensuite. If you have a drab ensuite that you want to restore, keep these tips in mind when planning:

Choose light colours that create the seamless illusions of more space in a notoriously small room.

Speak to an Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors professional to help you incorporate your dream bathtub into your small floor plan—often this can be done, even when you think it can’t!

Wall mounted sinks and walk-in showers are ultra-modern and very space saving.

Plan correctly to ensure you have as little breaks between the floor and shower entrance as possible. The less breaks the more cohesive the design—successfully executing this requires professional advice.

Get a quote from a trustworthy, reliable and seasoned renovation company!

Those on the cusp of undertaking a bathroom renovation often have a strict budget they want to adhere to, which is completely understandable. Do as much research as you can prior to engaging a renovation company to ensure you understand what a full bathroom renovation entails cost wise. The simpler the renovation (such as changing a bathtub to a walk-in shower only) will be less expensive than a complete bathroom renovation with all the luxury trimmings.

Be prepared for your bathroom renovation to cost anywhere between $6,000 to more than $25,000. This may increase depending on your choice of materials, fixtures and fittings.

A bathroom makeover where you keep all the original fixtures in their designated spots but update the tiles and shower screen for example; won’t compare cost wise to a full bathroom renovation with in-depth upgrades. This is because a full renovation calls for demolition and rebuilding which means several more trade professionals and assessors are involved in the process. This is understandably more timely and costly than a simple cosmetic renovation.

Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors are equipped to take on any bathroom renovation and execute it in a professional, timely and cost-effective way. With years of industry experience and a vast portfolio supported by happy clients—you will not be disappointed with the high-quality work and craftsmanship that comes standard with any Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors renovation job.

Safeguard yourself from time wasters and less qualified professionals by speaking to an Intrend
Bathrooms and Interiors professional today.

Your bathroom renovation checklist.

Now that you’re well versed on many aspects to consider prior to commencing your bathroom renovation—here is a comprehensive checklist which summarises exactly what you need to factor in prior to committing to a full demolish and rebuild or even a more simple cosmetic refresh of any existing bathroom or ensuite within your home:

Budget —be sure to cement your budget prior to engaging any contractors or tradespeople to carry out your renovation work. Knowing a clearly defined budget prior to choosing your vanity units, tile samples and fixtures and fittings will offer more time saving guidance when it comes to your bathroom renovation.

Time —educate yourself on the actual time it takes to execute a full bathroom renovation (which can range from weeks to months). Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors can provide an accurate time frame for your convenience.

Sequence —work from the top down; from your ceiling to your floor. This way you will prevent unwanted damage happening to new changes within your bathroom as they are ticked off your list.

Full gut —once the full gut takes place, this will allow your bathroom renovation experts insight into the room foundation quality. The foundation must be stable and damage free prior to adding new additions to the room. This hypervigilance can save you money in the long run.

Design —think carefully about a functional yet stylish design to ensure you are happy with the result. Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors renovation specialists can create a blueprint and offer professional guidance to ensure your ultimate result.

Measure —accurately measuring every inch of your space, including your new additions will ensure your bathroom is fully functional. Measuring mistakes can be costly and time consuming, so only engage the most reliable bathroom renovation professionals!

Contractors —research the right people for the job! Renovation companies that take care of every aspect from start to finish are far more convenient and cost-effective than juggling separate contractors for the same job. On the job communication and understanding is paramount for all Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors renovation experts.

Plumbing —updating old plumping and pipes is highly recommended to future proof your bathroom and save you money long term. This is also a major advantage if you’re looking to renovate to sell.

Cabinetry —plan your cabinetry and storage space to effectively cater to the unique shape of your bathroom. There are many storage options available so be sure to choose one that works best for your design and functionality needs.

Flooring —the flooring options for bathrooms these days is overwhelmingly broad. Do your research on the ultimate flooring option for you; by factoring in the best materials used to surface floors along with their waterproofing ability.

Ventilation —the bathroom is a wet space, so ventilation is key for longevity and everyday comfortability. Ventilation is vital for all small and large bathrooms so never disregard this essential component.

Clean up —prior to commencing use of your new bathroom, clean the entire room thoroughly from top to bottom. There will be dust and dirt residue from the renovation process which you can take care of yourself or contract a quality cleaning service to do so on your behalf.

5 questions to ask before starting a bathroom renovation

How can I create enough bathroom storage?

Most bathrooms are smaller than other rooms in the house, yet they have to store plenty of essentials, from shampoo to toilet cleaner, and from mouthwash to guest towels. Think about what to put where and prioritise making everyday-use items like bathing products accessible where you need them most.


What bathroom fixtures?

Bathroom renovators have a wealth of options to choose from when renovating the bathroom, including fixtures that offer a combination of great design, comfort, and high efficiency. However, fixture costs add up quickly, with fancy amenities like heated toilet seats and high-end showers equipped with multiple shower heads.


Who will be using the bathroom?

Consider who will be using the bathroom to help you narrow down your choices. For instance, if kids will be using the bathroom, you’ll definitely want a bath tub, or tub/shower combo. A bath tub is also key feature when it comes time to resell, at least for buyers with families.


Are you changing fixtures and/or location?

Where you want everything is an important decision. This can have a significant impact on both the cost and duration of the project, so decide on this upfront.


What bells and whistles do you want?

A new bathroom renovation is a great time to think about luxury extras you have always wanted. Double vanity, heated floors, statement bath, and layered lighting are all options.

Questions To Ask Your Bathroom Renovator

Interview each renovator that you are considering with a set of questions that you have about the bathroom renovation would like completed. With those answers also think about whether or not you would enjoy working with that person. Regardless of quality of work or cost, if the contractor is someone you will not be comfortable with in your home, you should not choose them.

1. How many years have you been renovating?
2. Are you licensed and qualified?
3. Do you have any references?
4. How many projects do you run at the same time?
5. Are you insured to work in my home?
6. What’s your expected payment schedule?

Committing to a bathroom renovation is a major job with many considerations that require the expertise of industry professionals to execute correctly. Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors have a team of qualified professionals who will renovate your bathroom seamlessly from start to finish. Put your mind at ease with the help of our seasoned bathroom design and construction professionals—no job is too large or too small. Contact us today and take your first step to achieving your dream bathroom renovation!