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Licensed professionals are key!

Here at Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors, we understand the importance of engaging only the most trusted and fully licensed/qualified professionals to achieve your desired bathroom renovation outcome. If you’re thinking of renovating your apartment bathroom, our Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors design specialists have over 15 years of industry experience and can offer the most space optimising and stylish solutions for your master bathroom, ensuite or guest bathrooms. 

We understand the nuances of apartment renovations, whether this be limited access due to lifts, restricted parking or working hour restrictions due to surrounding residents and council regulations. Here at Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors, we have all the qualified professionals, design specialists and high-quality products and information you need to confidently see out your bathroom renovation from start to finish.

Body Corporate concerns?

Strata rules and regulations in Australia can be complex, as often, your body corporate governing your multi-unit dwelling own everything under your paint or floorboards. Basically, this means that you need to be cautious and knowledgeable when making alterations to plumbing and electrical works within your apartment. It’s important to note that often you will need written approval moving forward with your apartment renovation. Body Corporate have a goal to maintain the buildings consistency, keep noise to a minimum and be sure not to ever allow residents to compromise the structural integrity of a complex.

This may seem like mission impossible if this is your first attempt at renovating your apartment bathroom, but it’s easier and more common than you think. Likely, your apartment block management team will be able to provide you with all the information you need to move forward seamlessly with your bathroom renovation. Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors, are ready and awaiting your call to discuss the most spectacular bathroom renovation solutions for your single or multiple apartment bathroom renovations.

Be both sustainable and stylish!

Here at Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors, we are mindful of sustainability and longevity. We can present you with product options involved in your bathroom renovation that have the ability to reduce your energy and water costs on a monthly and yearly basis. This may mean lower energy fluorescent or LED lighting rather than halogen lighting. Choosing a paint with a very low or zero volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions so you can get back into utilising your space comfortably faster. Or choosing water efficient showerheads and mixers and high rating toilets to help save thousands of litres of water a year.

Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors can provide you with insight on the most practical and high quality materials, appliances and accessories to incorporate into your apartment bathroom renovation while never compromising on style or innovation.