Avoid these out-dated bathroom trends

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It’s important to understand when to commit to a new trend and when you should just let it pass you by. Some of the gaudier trends that we saw in 2018-2020 are losing steam fast due to their relatively obvious unappealing nature. If in doubt, always opt for a white or neutral colour palette and try to keep your bathroom renovation cohesive with your existing home design, especially if you’re renovating to sell. See below some of the main design trends to avoid for bathroom renovations in 2021.

Millennial pink

The millennial pink was momentarily the go-to hue for many modern bathrooms in 2018-2020. This design trend includes statement Millennial pink tiles, basins, and even bathtubs often paired with penny round statement tiles and/or rose gold fixtures. We recommend giving pink plush tones a wide berth for your upcoming bathroom renovation, and that goes for rose gold too!

Colourful motifs.

Motifs in the bathroom can be overwhelming in a space that is notoriously not oversized. Intense motif designs are generally highly individual and tend to appeal to a very small group of people. These may also impact your market appeal if you’re looking to sell your home in the near future.

Jetted bathtubs.

The jetted bath made a comeback for a hot second with a more streamlined design. However, despite not looking like the retro 90s spa baths anymore, having a jetted bath of any calibre in your home is extremely outdated and should no longer be incorporated in your bathroom renovation.

Lacquered cabinets.

High-gloss style cabinets have had their day at the top of the trend chart—in 2021 it’s more about a matte finish for bathroom cabinets.

Hanging chandeliers.

Lighting that overwhelms a space is not a trend for 2021. There’s more of an emphasis on a minimalistic design that is free from bulky fittings. Opt for more simplified globe pendants or drop lights.

Hexagon tiles.

These tiles were very popular in bathrooms and often had intricate motifs painted on them. These busy tiles can sometimes enclose a space—so choose a simpler design for a better outcome in your upcoming bathroom renovation.

Wood imitation tiles.

There are some wonderful imitation products on the market, however, wood imitation tiles can be extremely obvious and look out of place in a contemporary bathroom. If you’re a lover of wood products, incorporate wood cabinets or shelving in your upcoming bathroom renovation, stay away from the wood look tiles.

Carved mirrors.

Carved mirrors are an intricate design which has many corners, dips and spaces that are notorious for collecting dust and moisture in your bathroom. These are close to impossible to keep clean and sport a busy and outdated design that no longer appeals to the masses.

Red-toned wood vanities.

Darker, reddish or orange-toned wood is no longer a popular choice for bathroom renovators. Choose lighter tones to create an airier and lighter feel in your bathroom.

Glass paste tiles

These shimmery little tiles were used to make a statement in luxury bathrooms; however, they are outdated and should be avoided in any 2021-bathroom renovation. There are far superior tile options out there that will make your bathroom look and feel more contemporary and inviting.


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