Have you got a view?

If you’re wondering where to start – Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors can begin by analysing your space, its orientation and current fixtures. If you’re not situated right by the ocean don’t stress – after years of industry experience we have solutions for you! Encapsulate your surroundings and bring a sense of luxury to your bathroom by highlighting high-end features of your home  through thoughtful placement of your shower, bath, or sinks to capitalise on morning sunlight, impressive views and property features. 

This may be your suburban waterfront, gorgeous gardens/property landscaping, dazzling background cityscape, or your sparkling pool and entertainment area. Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors will also assist you in executing a bathroom renovation that is fully cohesive with your existing home design – which will increase the overall aesthetic and functionality of your home or investment property.

Build it for two or more.

Create a sense of grandeur in your bathroom by doubling up! We’re talking dual sinks, double showers – yes this will take up more space, but this will take your bathroom to a new level of luxury. This creates a complete multi-functional space and a double shower is a fantastic central focus of a luxury bathroom. If you go for the dual features all round be sure not to forget about the other hardware and installs! Double up on towel racks, hooks, cabinets, mirrors and lights. 

In saying that, a dual shower and single sink or vice versa arrangement can still achieve a balanced and luxurious feel if executed right. Here at Intrend bathrooms and Interiors, we consider things you may overlook, such as creating a private toilet if possible, or positioning your toilet in a way that doesn’t hinder functionality and style in your bathroom. Considering a luxury bathroom renovation? Speak with us today!

Luxury doesn’t mean blowing your budget!

It’s important to plan your bathroom renovation thoroughly, by running all your queries by our Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors professionals prior to commencing the job. A huge way you can go over budget fast is by changing your mind on major bathroom features halfway through your project which will often lead to the bathroom renovation running well overschedule. This increases costs of materials, labour and often other personal expenses associated with your bathroom renovation.

Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors will educate you on the importance of cementing a colour palette and design technique that is both timeless and stylish to save money. Create a wishlist of design and functionality features and have this all priced up by Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors prior to commencing your bathroom renovation. It’s important to speak with our professionals to gain your own personal understanding of what the design and building process entails so you can factor this in when deciding on the perfect bathroom renovation for you.