Why a powder room is the perfect addition to any home

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Powder rooms are an important part of a home design as they provide an added level of comfort and convenience for the entire family as well as guests. Generally, powder rooms are positioned in an extremely easy-to-access space within the home, often this area is adjacent to the main entertaining zones of the home, such as the kitchen, dining or living room. The ideal powder room can strengthen the overall flow and flexibility of your family home. They have also been known to add value to your existing home and increase privacy. Once you add a powder room to your home, you’ll forever wonder how you ever lived without it!

They are an inexpensive way to add value to your home.

Powder rooms are basically a secondary or half bathroom that generally contains only a toilet, vanity or face basin. They don’t require much floor space and can make your home far more appealing to buyers who notoriously focus on the kitchen and bathrooms! Having more and newer bathrooms consistently scores higher in surveys on homeowners’ wishlists. The perfect powder room can be a powerful statement which enhances the overall liveability of your home which will naturally increase the value of your home too. Unlike full bathroom renovations with a shower and/or bath included, powder rooms are less of an investment from a cost, space and time perspective, however, they are seen as a major selling point and will give your home that competitive and stylistic edge.

They can be added almost anywhere!

The most appealing part about adding a powder room to your home is the fact that they can be installed almost anywhere as they are generally quite compact. Powder rooms can be tucked into small spaces like part of a walk-in closet and areas you might not use otherwise, such as under a staircase or in a nook in the garage. The standard size of a powder room with a toilet and small vanity is 2m x 1m, which is very achievable for most homeowners. If you have an unnecessary void within your home due to your outdated design, this generally makes the ideal spot for a small powder room too. It’s important to note that you should only work with certified professionals, such as Intrend Bathrooms renovation specialists who understand the building code requirements in your area to ensure all work is safe and compliant.

Powder rooms are a real design feature.

Powder rooms were traditionally used at theatres and restaurants to ensure guests had a stylish and memorable place to freshen up. This age-old concept has been incorporated into modern homes, in a way that brings convenience and flexibility to a family home. When planning the design of your powder room, you don’t have to keep it simple. This is one of those areas within your home where you can experiment with feature tiling, wallpaper or a splash of colour. The goal is to make this area of the home memorable for guests. It’s important to ensure your layout design is approved by a bathroom renovation professional so the size of your fixtures and fittings don’t overpower the space.

Intrend Bathrooms specialists will be able to achieve your design dream, but will also ensure smart plumbing is incorporated, the doors clearance needs are catered for and the toilet and sink will fit in the space perfectly without overwhelming it. Although you can experiment with colour, patterns and quirky fixtures in this area; It’s important to ensure your powder room is designed in a way that is still cohesive with the rest of your home; in both a stylish and comfortable manner that will accommodate guests and residents’ needs for regular use.

Adds privacy to your home.

Having a conveniently located powder room means your guests won’t have to go trekking through your home or upstairs to use the main bathroom during your dinner party. It’s also far easier to quickly clean a small powder room if you have last minute visitors in comparison to an entire main bathroom. Be sure to give your powder room the attention it deserves, by keeping it clean and ready-to-use.


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