Who can I rely on to execute my bathroom renovations properly?

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Avoid the cheap and nasty!


It may be tempting to save money where you can – and doing this by engaging a tradesperson or ‘handy person’ found on an online platform who doesn’t necessarily have the adequate qualifications and/or relevant experience in the bathroom renovation sector may be dangerous. Despite whether they assure you they will do a good job for cheap this may still pose a risk for you. The amount of horror stories we have heard from cutting costs on such a vital component of a bathroom renovation are endless.


Bathroom renovations are prone to leaks when moving plumbing around, or damage to electrical lines can occur if an unqualified person undertakes your bathroom renovation. Even with the simplest task, such as fitting new mixers and shower heads – certain items require certain valves etc. that only qualified and experienced professionals will be able to accurately depict.


Remember only use certified professionals for such an important job!


In short, certified and quality tradespeople and suppliers must be the only people you utilise for your bathroom renovation otherwise you may be putting yourself at risk of financial blunders throughout the process. Here, at Intrend Bathrooms we pride ourselves on only engaging with the most qualified and experienced tradespeople who have a history of executing quality craftsmanship in a time efficient manner.


A bathroom renovation is understandably a multifaceted project, you must remember that tradespeople must always be licensed and insured to avoid legal implications and potential financial consequences. Intrend Bathrooms understands the importance and intricacy of specialised plumbing and electrical work and the importance of executing legally compliant work in line with local and federal requirements.


Waterproofing is also a vital component to consider – Intrend provides fully qualified waterproofers to install bathroom waterproofing membranes which is one component renowned for being a common building defect in every state of Australia.


Why choose Intrend Bathrooms?


reedy creek bathroom renovation


Intrend Bathrooms are extremely across the board from a construction, practicality and design perspective when it comes to bathroom and home renovations. We can provide expert advice on what to expect during the construction process and safeguard you from those undesirable outcomes.


At Intrend Bathrooms we understand the importance of staying on schedule and completing the job to the highest quality. We will help you set a budget and keep it simple by avoiding any overly outlandish choices that will accrue additional costs. We ensure we don’t push the limits in relation to important rules and regulations specific to your homes location and we will only provide the highest quality products that will stand the test of time.


We also give first-rate advice on pragmatic space utilisation, appropriate colour palettes and modern design strategy for your space as we have over 15 years’ experience in the bathroom, kitchen and home renovation industry. We understand every bathroom has differing purposes and requires personalised elements – Intrend Bathrooms will minimise the confusion and only give you sound and beneficial advice and recommendations.


Ensure that your bathroom renovations, or whole-home renovations are executed to a high standard and on time. Intrend Bathrooms are your locally trusted bathroom renovators – contact us today if you need more questions answered!