Turn Your Bathroom into a Winter Sanctuary

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We all know the feeling, right? Tip-toeing over tiles on those cold mornings, heading for the shower and dreading those first few seconds of cold water while we wait for it to heat up. The bathroom can be one of the coldest rooms in the house during winter. The lack of light, the cool tiles and the icy cold water for those first few seconds are enough to make even the most zealous bathroom lovers avoid having to use it. But it needn’t be this way! With a few simple updates, you can turn your bathroom into a winter sanctuary. But be warned, you might just have the whole family queueing to use it a few extra times a day.

  1. It’s all about the soft touches

Offsetting the hard surfaces of a bathroom is important at any time of year, but most especially during winter. Your tiles, vanity, and walls are all designed to be waterproof and cool, after all. Creeping across the cold tiles of a dark winter’s morning is not something to endear anyone towards the bathroom, but it’s easily solved. Add a new, plush bath matt to the room to warm the feet, and soft touches throughout the room such as fluffy new towels and hand towels will help to warm things up.

winter bathroom candles

  1. Spice things up

From washing your hands and face, to applying your moisturiser, using products in the bathroom during winter can seem more of a chore to be endured than a relaxing part of your daily routine. We’re firm believers that the bathroom should be your space to relax, unwind and reinvigorate – even during the chilly months. A great way to add a little spice to your bathroom routine is to update your products. From essential oils, to hand wash, to soaps and more; choosing the right products for the season can make all the difference. Hand wash and body lotion spiced with cinnamon, cloves and citrus give a wonderful warmth to the bathroom and will have you – and the room – smelling divine.

spiced winter hand wash

  1. Heated towel rails

There is nothing – nothing – more incredible than a warm towel on a cold day, after hopping out of the shower. Adding heated towel rails to your bathroom might not be as simple as buying new towels, but it’ll be an investment your whole family with thank you for, for years to come. Get in touch with your local bathroom renovation specialist and you’ll have hard-wired rails installed with minimal fuss, or take a look at a range of plug-in and free-standing versions from Reece.

  1. Heat up the room

Of course, adding some heat to a cold room is a great way to make it a little cosier. Installing heating bulbs is a great solution, but if you don’t have the time or the resources just now to have them installed you can consider adding a small space heater to the room. There are plenty of stylish and compact options available online. Just imagine picking up your heated towel from your newly installed towel rail and standing in front of a gently blowing hot breeze while you dry off…

winter bathroom space heater

  1. Makeover with some warm colours and lighting

The stark white walls and cool white lights of your standard bathroom can do little to warm the place up during winter. Consider adding a featured splash of warm colour to one of the walls and some warm white lighting to give the room a cosy, inviting atmosphere. Be sure to choose paint or tile colours that you’re also happy to live with during summer. Is picking colours not your strong suit? Get some expert advice before you begin.

winter bathroom

  1. Heated flooring

Heated flooring is not something that Queenslanders often get to experience, which is a crying shame. Sure, we aren’t exposed to the freezing temperatures of our southern neighbours, but that’s not to say that we don’t feel the chill in winter, all the same. Heated flooring is a luxurious addition to any bathroom which does away with those scurried bathroom trips over frosty tiles like nothing else can. Of course, you’ll need to have these professionally installed. If you’ve been thinking about a bathroom renovation lately, consider adding under-floor heating to your list of upgrades and get in touch with your local bathroom renovation specialist today. You’ll be counting down the months until next winter, just to experience the joy that is heated tiles for yourself.