Top Tips for Adding Value to Your Home

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If you’re hoping to sell your home at some stage in the future, or you’re simply wanting to maximise the value of your biggest asset, it might be time to make some improvements. Depending on the depth of makeover your home needs, you might try a few DIY tricks with a set of tools and a garden fork. For a more in-depth upgrade to your home, it will be time to call in a professional. Australia’s housing market is extremely competitive, yet home owners can set themselves apart from the rest by making a few key upgrades and additions to their home.

Exterior walls and surrounds

First impressions last, so it is important to have the exterior of your home looking its best. Conduct a thorough examination of the exterior walls and fittings, and repair any damage that’s been cause by the elements, or simple wear and tear. Some of the things you might find include:

Cracked tiles or pavement

  • Damage to exterior walls from weather, plants or pets
  • Peeling paint
  • Rusting fittings such as lights, doorbell, handrails etc.
  • Gaps in mortar for brick homes
  • Damaged or weathered front door

If your home is in fairly good condition outside, it may simply benefit from a fresh coat of paint. This can lift the look of your home, and also make it appear much younger and more contemporary.


The front yard is one of the first things a buyer will see when approaching your property. Yards that look uncared for are of course, not likely to make a good impression and not give the buyer much confidence about the rest of the home. Gardening and landscaping are areas which you might be able to get your hands dirty, in order to save a bit of cash. Some simple pruning, weeding and trimming can work wonders on an overgrown garden, while replanting with some new additions can bring any garden bed back to life. If you’re not much of a green thumb, consult your local garden centre for tips on the best plants to use for your type of garden, your region and your particular level of gardening prowess.

Upgrade your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important internal spaces of any home. As the saying goes, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and is wear a lot of the action happens. Buyers will be looking for a kitchen that is functional, practical and looks well-maintained. If your current kitchen is looking very outdated, it might be worth completely pulling it out and installing a new one however, this is not your only option. A professional renovator will have a wealth of ideas for making upgrades to your existing cabinets, benches and tiling and can help to make it look a million bucks without having to undergo a full overhaul. Replacing taps and appliances is a good final touch, to make your kitchen stand out.

Update the bathroom, toilet and powder rooms

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the most important room of the home in terms of value. In fact, these two spaces combined can add upwards of $60,000 to the value of your home (in some cases, much more). Buyers want to see clean, modern and well-designed bathrooms, and the state of your bathrooms will make a large impact on the overall value of your home. The average number of bathrooms per home in Australia has been rising over the years, according to Domain, and we now see around 2.6 bathrooms per household. If you’ve got a 3 or 4 bedroom home and only one bathroom, now might be the time to think about renovating to add an extra toilet, or ensuite, for example.

Gold Coast bathroom renovations

Simple internal updates

Finally, some simple updates can be made to the interior of your home to make it look newer, and more valuable to potential buyers. Some things you might consider are:

  • A fresh coat of paint for interior walls
  • Re-staining or repairing of flooring, or updating carpets
  • New, contemporary and energy-saving light fittings
  • Styling with soft furnishings, fresh flowers and new linen when it comes time for inspections
  • New windows and doors where necessary

Keep in mind when planning your updates, the home needs to tie together with a consistent theme. Also be aware that design trends come and go. If you’re updating or renovating your home to suit you and your family better, you can be more liberal with personal touches and your own preferred styling. However, if you’re hoping to impress buyers, you’ll want to make sure the home has a fairly neutral, modern, and yet timeless element to its design and styling. Creating a contemporary, neutral canvas means that buyers will more easily be able to picture themselves in your home. Consult with your professional renovator for some great tips on upgrades which will add the most value, and stand the test of time when it comes to trends and the varying tastes of buyers.