Top 5 Bathroom Trends for Your 2017 Renovation

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Designing a new bathroom is two things; exciting, and terrifying! Where do you even start? Maybe you’re a wiz with a paint brush and a throw cushion, or perhaps you’ve never attempted a renovation in your life. Our earlier post covered the top reasons you need to hire a professional renovator. But before you’re ready to start swinging hammers (or your tradies are, at least) how do you go about designing that bathroom you’ve been dreaming of?

Here are 2017’s Top 5 Bathroom Trends to get those imaginative juices flowing!

  1. The Sleek and Shiny

Always a classic, this sleek and shiny design is a sure-fire way to guarantee that your bathroom doesn’t date. There’s nothing worse than spending your hard-earned pennies on a beautiful renovation, only for it to age like an 80’s perm in your prom photos. Minimal, yet well designed furnishings and classy fixtures are always on trend. Choose a subtle, white tile and sleek chrome fixtures to achieve this look. Consider removing the old-school, built-in bath and replace with a gorgeous stand-alone tub worthy of any expensive retreat! Furnish with little touches of colour, such as potted succulents and plush towels to top of the look. Then lay back in that beautiful bathtub of yours, and soak it all in. Bliss.


  1. The Brooding Hideaway

Dark grey tiles are all the rage right now – and can help you to give your bathroom a feeling of a secret Bond villain lair (think Blofeld’s lair, from You Only Live Twice – only, less volcanic rock and maniacal laughter). The cool, dark design is perfect for relaxing and world-domination-plotting alike. Recessed shower shelving, hidden cabinets and invisible floor-to-ceiling shower screens all add to the retro and yet sleek modern appeal of this bathroom style. Furnish minimally – the tiles and fixtures should be your heroes here.


  1. The Chic Beach Shack

The classic design is a favourite in Australian bathrooms from Broome to Burleigh, and perfectly suits the Australian lifestyle. Say goodbye to the so-last-century shell-frame mirror and jars of petrified starfish.   Make a twist on the archetypal design with modern high-quality timber trimmings, a twist on a classic white tile (even some wooden cladding) and some carefully picked accessories.

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  1. The Copper Den

Copper – whether plated or the real deal, copper is everywhere right now. A quick trip down to Kmart or Target on the weekend will see you come home with bags of goodies to redecorate the house with. If you’re planning on renovating your bathroom, you can embrace your love for this trend! Pair your accessories with some gorgeous marble tiling, and set off the whole room with some statement fixtures and – if you’re feeling daring – a metallic sink! Check out Reece’s blog on Must Have Metallics for some inspiration.


  1. The Secret Forest

We’ve been putting plants in our bathrooms since the invention of the potted shrub– but have you ever imagined having your own forest hideaway, right inside the house? It’s the stuff of dreams and expensive Daintree retreats, right? Not so! You can recreate the honeymoon rainforest resort in your own home with a few simple upgrades to your existing bathroom. Warm timber cabinets, accessories and window shutters set the tone. Then top off the simple, white tiles with a few tall potted palms or ferns (if you don’t possess the green thumb, you could even get away with a good fake.)


Can’t decide? Don’t worry – our dedicated team can help you to choose the new bathroom design that fits you, your family and your home. Get in touch today and let us bring your bathroom dreams to life!