What Kind of Bath Will Be Appropriate for Your Bathroom?

freestanding bath in newly renovated bathroom

While thinking of interior decoration, you often concentrate more on living room and bedroom than the bathroom. But, the bathroom is the place where you can relax after a tiring day. It is your shower that can remove all your stresses and rejuvenate yourself for the next day. Just installing any shower in your bathroom […]

Ensuite Bathroom Renovation: 5 Ideas to Implement

new ensuite bathroom with, marble look tiles, wooden vanity, double sink, black fittings, large mirror

Bathroom designs and renovations are always subject to several viable criteria. People build their homes uniquely to increase the value of their home and for ease of life. People design their own homes to make their dreams real. The shared bathroom and ensuite bathroom are one of the essential areas of the house that makes […]

Apartment Bathroom Renovation 4 Tips

new apartment bathroom, white vanity, chrome fittings, double shower head

Much unlike designing bigger bathrooms, a smaller apartment bathroom renovation is painstakingly tough to design. Numerous issues are cropping over the design of smaller bathrooms. Spacing is a leading concern among them that slow down the progress. However, there are some straightforward ways to counter the problems. Here are some ways.   Spacing Woes   Space issues are […]

Walk In Shower And Its Benefits

new bathroom with walk in shower, freestanding bath, concrete pink basin

Transforming the old bathtub to a trendy walk in shower is quite popular among present generation Australian people. The walk in shower can provide illusion of more spacing and offer your bathroom with clean and neat look more than ever before. If you are thinking of creating spa-like sanctuary then you will get necessary details […]

Types of Tile Layouts for Your Bathroom Renovation

new bathroom with big marble look tiles, large vanity and big shower area

Tiling is an age-old practice. With so many designs and layouts that can be applied, tiling can often come out as the most confusing task when designing a bathroom renovation. While there’s no fixed rule or criteria as to how things are to be followed, the best way is to lay the tiles in a […]

How Long Does a Bathroom Renovation Take?

new bathroom grey tiles, white wall tiles, double vanity wood, double sink, large vanity mirror

If you are considering a bathroom renovation for your new or existing home, congratulations! The idea of showering in a new bathtub or shower with a nice ambiance can literally be a delight. As a homeowner who is planning to renovate the bathroom, the first thing that is going to cross your mind is How long […]

Bathroom Renovation Storage Tips

bathroom vanity with loots of storage draws

While considering the bathroom renovations project, it becomes important to take all the latest trends as well as your requirements into account. The first thing to keep in mind is to utilise the space in the best possible manner. Consider your family needs and rethink whether a pedestal bathtub and larger vanity would be worth […]

Bathroom Renovation Cost In Australia

new bathroom with freestanding bath, black fittings, big shaving cabinet vanity mirror

A bathroom renovation is a common thing on mind when sprucing up your home, improving the value of your property or increasing the rental return on an investment property. Before taking on the plunge, however, you would always like to set your budget, considering the bathroom renovation cost in Australia. It has been found by the Housing […]

Bathroom Renovation Traps To Avoid

new bathroom with sandstone looking tiles, freestanding bath, double sink vanity and detachable shower head

A bathroom renovation project can help improve the aesthetic appeal of your house. This post about bathroom renovation traps to avoid will help you make the best decisions for your bathroom renovation. Despite being smaller in size, bathrooms are considered the most expensive to renovate. When conducted in a well-planned and adequate manner however, a […]

Choosing the Best Shower head For You

big shower head in shower with grey tiles, nook and detachable shower head

The humble shower head. Many customers ask us “what is the best shower head” and we understand why. You can make a huge impact in your bathroom by simply changing the shower head. The difference in functionality and aesthetics from such a simple change can be astounding. For most people the shower will be where […]