Spring has Sprung: Bathroom Renovation Tips for Spring

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A collective sigh is breathed across the nation as we move out of Australian winter and into spring. Traditionally, spring means a great big clean-out of your home and some new soft furnishings, but spring is also a great time to begin on the bathroom renovation you’ve been dreaming about all through the cold winter months. So, before you give your local Gold Coast bathroom renovator a call, we’ve got some top tips for planning your spring renovation.

Before you forget about winter, don’t forget about winter

No, it’s not a Dr. Suess riddle, but a serious piece of advice worth considering when starting to plan your bathroom overhaul. While the weather might be getting warmer, it’s important to remember that your new bathroom is going to have to function comfortably all year round. Planning a renovation when winter is still in recent memory is a great strategy, as those major bugbears are still fresh in your mind. Were cold tiles the bane of your existence? Did the room suffer from dampness? Would heated towel rails have made the world of difference? Make a list of your most important winter bathroom must-haves and incorporate them into your new bathroom design.

Spring means fresh and fresh means plants

One of the most popular spring styling tips is to introduce plants and fresh flowers into the home. There’s no reason the bathroom should miss out on this touch of outside-inside natural ambiance, so whilst you’re preparing for your renovation, try introducing some indoor plants to your bathroom. It’s a high-impact, low-cost way to liven up the chilliest room in the house before your renovation has even begun.

Make room for change

Once you’ve got your fix of greenery in the bathroom, it’s time to have a good, long think about how you’ll use the space you’ve got throughout the rest of the year. Remodelling the bathroom is an excellent opportunity to incorporate some new space-saving ideas which will allow you more room for your decorative touches (candles and luxury hand soaps, anyone?). Speak with your bathroom renovation specialist about finding some great storage options which will create more space to relax. Also consider incorporating a shower like this one, which gives the illusion of more space and makes it much easier to move around the room.

Spring Bathroom Trends
Duncraig Ensuite, Reece Bathrooms

Speaking of relaxing…

The family bathroom might be a high-traffic zone for many Australian households, but there’s no reason it can’t be a sanctuary of calm as well. When planning your spring bathroom renovation, consider some new major items which will enhance the zen in the room, such as a new, luxurious bathtub or a showerhead as divine as this one.

Mizu Drift Gooseneck Shower Set, Reece Bathrooms

Draw the eye with some colour

Your bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the home, and space is always a factor. Whilst you might not be able to find another few feet to add to the bathroom, you can play some clever tricks with lighting and colour which will help to give the room some added depth. Creating space doesn’t mean avoiding colours or darker shades – far from it, in fact. Considering adding a feature wall, which will draw the eye and distracts from the size of the room. Big or small, a splash of colour is a great way to liven up any bathroom for spring.

Add value with quality

Adding value to the home is something that anyone planning a renovation should consider. Quality fittings and fixtures that will stand the test of time (and the punishment that family can inflict on a bathroom, for that matter) will impress buyers, should you ever decide to sell. Your bathroom renovation specialist will have some great tips of maximising your space and making the most of your budget, to add value and create a bathroom you’ll be enjoying all year round.