Small Bathroom Renovation Tips

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A Small bathroom renovation can be tricky. It is hard to have the big fancy basin or the mega tub. But there are some important things that you can focus on to maximise the look and functionality of any small bathroom. We have written this article to give some great tips for renovating any small bathroom. Working on the many smaller bathrooms that populate the apartments of the Gold Coast for over 15 years has left us with these tips. If you have a small bathroom and are looking to renovate this is the list for you.


This is one of the biggest pain points for people with smaller bathrooms. Luckily there are a few different tricks you can use to maximise storage space. Mirrored cabinets are a great idea. They are the perfect place to store medicine, beauty products and cleaning products. They are a great addition to most smaller bathrooms. Think outside the box when it comes to storage, there are many creative cabinets and shelving ideas that you can find to extend you limited storage space.

Mirror Magic

Clever use of mirrors can make your bathroom look much larger than it actually is. Installing a floor to ceiling mirror can make your smaller bathroom look essentially double the size. Similarly you can use a wall to wall mirror for the same effect. It cannot be understated the effect that a perfectly placed mirror can have on the feel of a space. Look around and find a design that works for you.

Ditch The Door

We aren’t talking about the bathroom door. We are talking about the shower door. By removing the shower door you open up the space dramatically. It is important to get the right shower head and make sure you have a properly designed screen in place to prevent leaking and spills from the shower. But it can be done in a classy and efficient way and leave you with that extra bit of room.

Tiling Tricks

Choosing the right tile shapes and arrangement can help to make the space look larger. Similar to the illusion that mirrors create more space. By having larger tiles you make the space feel a lot larger because of how our eye perceives continuous lines. The less interruption between tiles the large our eye perceives the area.

Brighten it up

White or brighter neutrals are the best idea for small bathrooms. The more light available within the room will give it a larger feel. If you go with darker colours you are more likely to give the space a confined feel. Some brighter featured colours can also help to brighten the room. If you don’t want to add permanent colour with tiles or paint you can easily get some brighter accessories such as towels.


One of the most underrated features in all of house decoration and renovation is lighting. The bathroom is no different. By using lighting the right way you can highlight the space that you do have available and highlight the features of the room that you

want to emphasise. Flush mounted ceiling lights can be one of the best techniques to make the space look larger. Another trick is lighting under and around the vanity. This can brighten that area, making it look larger.

Natural Light

Let natural light in where possible. Instead of opting for frosted windows try blinds or shutters. This allows you to control the amount top natural light that is available. Natural light will like other brightening techniques make the space feel larger. It is also nice to get that feeling of openness in smaller spaces.

Prioritise Function

When dealing with a smaller bathroom you should prioritise function. Think about how you are going to use the space and what is really necessary. Maybe you can use other areas in your house for storage? Thinking about what the function of your bathroom really is is a great way to trim on the extras you thought you might need, but in reality don’t really need at all.

Small Bathroom Renovation Conclusion

When it comes to smaller bathrooms you don’t have the space to make mistakes. Any design decisions need to be thought through as they may have drastic effects on how functional the space is. Luckily there are plenty of tips and tricks that can help maximise the form and function of smaller bathrooms. We have years of experience renovating bathrooms of all sizes across the Gold Coast and are only too happy to help you get on your way with your next bathroom makeover. Please check out our renovation gallery.

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