Looking for a trusted basin brand for your bathroom renovation? We’ve handpicked our top 10.

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We are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting bathroom renovation products that are both stylish and of high quality. To save you hours of browsing and comparing, Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors have done the legwork for you and have pinpointed the most reliable, cost-effective and impressive basin brands for your upcoming bathroom renovation.


Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors, welcomes you to discover our carefully curated list of some of the leading and most trusted bathroom sink brands (available in Australia) to incorporate into your next bathroom renovation.


Victoria + Albert


countertop basin



All Victoria + Albert basins are made with a unique material called QUARRYCASTTM which is a volcanic limestone-rich composite that ensures quality, visual appeal and scratch resistant practicality. This material is naturally white and warm to touch, which adds a luxurious edge to your bathroom. Whether your bathroom renovation embodies contemporary or traditional design, Victoria + Albert have a range of countertop and inset basin models that will work perfectly with your chosen bathtub or shower.



oliveri counter top circular basin for bathroom



Oliveri provides European statement pieces for your Australian home with ranges named after iconic cities of style around the globe. Their variety of basins include countertops, wall-hung, semi-recessed, inset and undermount designs. Oliveri incorporate the highest quality materials in their straight and curved line designs that are bound to leave guests stylistically impressed. Feel secure in your purchase of an Oliveri sink as you will be covered by Oliveri’s lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.




kaldewei basin for bathroom renovation



KALDEWEI is a brand that offers the design trimmings that will take your bathroom basin to the next level. They have a range of unique basins with fully enamelled waste covers. This means you can have a bathroom basin that is a completely cohesive, one material, statement piece. This has the potential to be incredibly appealing in a minimalist or contemporary designed

bathroom. What sets KALDEWEI apart is their commitment to harmonious, and perfectly designed bathroom products that are both sustainable and come with a 30 year guarantee.


Ledin Australia


oval ledin basin for bathroom renovation


This is a company that provides consumers with one of Australia’s most premier collection of bathroom products. The individual style and unparalleled quality of Ledin bathroom basins allow you the ability to achieve your most intricate design dreams in your upcoming renovation. Their contemporary designed glass, ceramic and solid surface basins will truly stand the test of time with their simple yet bold aesthetic and reliable construction. Ledin Australia, will help you define your space stylistically, while maintaining maximum functionality within your bathroom.




clark basin for bathroom renovation


Established in 1941, CLARK offers an impressively extensive variety of bathroom basins that won’t blow your budget. Are you looking to undergo a bathroom renovation and want a trusted supplier with products that meet your criteria for a high-traffic bathroom? CLARK have round, square, no tap hole, two tap hole or three tap hole designs in crisp white, contemporary styles. They utilise their highly qualified in-house design team to produce thoughtfully engineered products that have proven to stand the test of time in Australian homes.



abey basin for bathroom renovation


Basins and bathware products by Abey, are produced by their Italian-based designers who embody design innovation, and are committed to producing high-quality results. Abey basins are available in an array of impressive shapes and sizes that will help you create your own private sanctuary. They utilise state of the art technology to achieve their exceptional surface quality and individual design. For an extensive variety of chrome waste and matching stone waste options that perfectly mesh with your bathroom interior, check-out the inspiring product range now available at Abey.





forme basin for bathroom renovation


For those who have a large family or heavily utilised bathroom, Forme provides fresh and bright to subtle and understated bathroom basin designs, made with the highest quality materials. Their designs include ceramic or natural stone, square, oval, round and rectangular designs that align with the latest global trends. Accentuate your modern or traditionally designed bathroom with European-inspired but Australia-designed, Forme bathroom basins, that will add a hint of opulence to your once generic bathroom.






PARISI is a renowned international bathware supplier who partners with Italian leaders in craftsmanship and sustainability. They have numerous high-end basin collections incorporating varying styles, shapes and colours with unique textures and finishes. PARISI are highly regarded in the bathware design world as frontrunners in innovation. They offer lengthy warranties to safeguard the ongoing quality and functionality of their basins for customers. They’re also committed to ensuring they put all their products through rigorous testing and quality control measures to maintain their high-end consistency.





caroma basin for bathroom renovation

With over 75 years of industry experience, Caroma understands the importance of balancing aesthetically appealing design with practicality, specifically when it comes to designing bathroom basins that people love. The way they achieve success is by designing basins from the perspective of the buyer. This calls for their product range to maximise on sustainable innovation and for Caroma to encompass broadly varying shapes and styles that range from classic to artisanal. Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned bathroom renovator, Caroma is a safe choice, with basins available that will cater to your budget and design needs.


Villeroy & Boch

villeroy & boch basin for bathroom renovation


With a goal to transform your functional space into a personal well-being oasis, Villeroy & Boch offer timelessly designed basins that are water-saving and easy to clean. Their ​expressive shapes and elegant designs turn their high-quality ceramic products into exclusive style objects. They incorporate materials with AntiBac surface technology to offer reliable protection against bacteria, and TitanCeram that’s a robust ceramic with exceptional strength for long lasting quality. With impeccabile finishes and an extensive range of beautifully designed basins, Villeroy & Boch are one we trust.