How Long Does a Bathroom Renovation Take?

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If you are considering a bathroom renovation for your new or existing home, congratulations! The idea of showering in a new bathtub or shower with a nice ambiance can literally be a delight. As a homeowner who is planning to renovate the bathroom, the first thing that is going to cross your mind is How long does a bathroom renovation take? This varies from case to case since each bathroom and individual requirements are different. Here are some of the tasks that are involved in renovating your bathroom.


Demolition is one of the most tedious tasks that may take longer if the bathroom is situated on the second floor or deep inside the building.


This step can be eliminated if the underlying structure is in good shape and running smooth.


Moving things such as tubs and toilets do take a lot of time. Hence, planning in advance is necessary.


Rough-in refers to doing away with all the electrical connections and wiring. Since an electrician can move swiftly, this shouldn’t take much time.

First Inspection

This step must only take a day and involves inspection prior to starting the buttoning up task. Scheduling inspectors however, might consume some time.


Insulating a bathroom is a task that shouldn’t take much time since only one or two walls are involved.

Hang Drywall

As soon as the insulation is up, drywall must be started.

Finish Drywall

This step involves joint compounding, letting dry, sanding and repeating.


Painting a bathroom is relatively fast and simple. Nowhere is the masking required except the ceiling.

Final Inspection

Similar to the first inspection, final inspection too must not take much time. Scheduling an inspector however does take time.


This is an optional step. Even if you do go for tilework, applying/drying cycle does take some time.


Minimal cabinet work is required in bathrooms which means this shouldn’t take much time.


While plain vinyl flooring wouldn’t take much time, tile, engineered wood, etc. might take longer.

Hookups, Fixtures, Etc.


Allowing time for contingencies.

How Long Does a Bathroom Renovation Take Conclusion

Renovating your bathroom is an exciting job. In the absence of a precise action plan, it can become quite a hassle, however. You must talk to all the tradesmen required for the job in advance and have all the products and equipment in place. We can take the hassle out of organising multiple trades and trying to get them to work together on time. With Intrend Bathrooms you have one point of contact that takes care of everything for you.

Contact the professionals at Intrend Bathrooms to clear any doubts that you might have while planning your bathroom renovation on the Gold Coast. We can give you estimates on how long your bathroom renovation will take to complete once we have given you a free measure and quote.