Ensuite Bathroom Renovation: 5 Ideas to Implement

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Bathroom designs and renovations are always subject to several viable criteria. People build their homes uniquely to increase the value of their home and for ease of life. People design their own homes to make their dreams real. The shared bathroom and ensuite bathroom are one of the essential areas of the house that makes it exceptional. However, a ensuite bathroom renovation or designing is always subject to several viable criteria.

Here are some of the productive renovation tips for ensuite bathrooms.


Use Quality Products


One of the common mistakes people while performing a ensuite bathroom renovation is choosing inexpensive products. Often, these products end up making a drastic difference. Experts recommend quality. The reason is that these materials are tested and are immune to heavy wear and tear. This is something that will dictate the longevity of the bathroom, be it ensuite or even your main ones.


Re-Designing Existing Objects


Some of you may have bathtubs that see frequent usage. Therefore, adding an extra touch or redesigning the same is a great way to renovate your ensuite bathrooms. You can try out methods, by adding a steam shower or sauna for a new change as well. Luxury items in bathrooms are always a welcome change in any bathroom.


Make it Compact


Cluttered bathrooms are one of the claustrophobic places if the items, including storage items, are not appropriately arranged. Ensuite bathrooms more often see more laundry items stacked, and this makes the place more cluttered. One of the productive ways is to add more compartments and wall mounts, ensuring the items are arranged in shelves with ease. Furthermore, you can arrange items according to the usage of the same.


Plants for Greenery


Numerous houses today are adding flowerpots, especially the ones that grow well inside the bathroom. Using these, the overall aesthetics of the bathroom becomes cleaner and has a charming appeal of its own. More importantly, flowerpots can be an excellent solution for smaller bathroom renovations as well.


Different Colours Schemes


People often choose different colours in their houses according to their choice and preferences. Some may have a fascination over darker colours for ceiling and walls, while some may prefer lighter shades accordingly. Experts recommend mixing it up well, so as to ensure the bathroom looks lively.




Ensuite bathrooms renovations are one of the trickiest subjects to consider. There is a lot more than just redesigning existing designs and making your second bathroom look appealing than ever before. In the end, following these tips can ensure your ensuite bathroom renovation adds value to your home.

Contact the Intrend Bathrooms team today to get your ensuite bathroom renovation started.