Does My Bathroom Need a Makeover?

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Your bathroom, just like your bedroom, should be a haven – a place of relaxation – for the whole family. Away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the home, it’s a place for pampering, preening and rejuvenating. For this reason, it’s important to have a bathroom which is up to the task! Does your bathroom fit the bill? If you’re still not sure whether it’s time you had a bathroom makeover, read on.

Bathrooms are the first place most people start with renovations

Are you surprised to learn that the bathroom is often the first place people will consider when starting a renovation project? There are many reasons to makeover a bathroom, including making space for a growing family. Having kids can put strain on most areas of the home, but the bathroom is one particular space that can take a beating when accommodating more people. Making over your bathroom can help you to make better use of the space you’ve got, and can help you juggle the morning and evening bathing routines with less fuss.

What’s more, a bathroom makeover can add significant value to your home! More about that later.

Luxury and functionality combined

Whilst it’s important for a bathroom to be functional (especially if you’ve got a growing family), these days, many home owners are looking for a bit of luxury. After all, the bathroom should make you feel at ease instantly – helping you to spruce up in the morning, and unwind from a long day in the evenings. Thanks to the ever-popular home renovation shows like The Block, and House Rules and awe-inspiring homes featured by the likes of Selling Houses Australia, luxury bathrooms have become quite sought-after in a home. Not only will adding a bit of luxury help you to enjoy your bathroom more, it can make your home that much more appealing to potential buyers if you ever decide to sell.

Adding luxury fittings, a new free-standing bathtub, glamorous shower screens and beautiful yet functional storage options are just some of the ways you can makeover your bathroom with a home renovation.

Advances in design and functionality

Designers are constantly coming up with new, clever ways to turn luxurious bathroom furniture into functional, space-saving storage. If you’re finding that your bathroom is bursting at the seams, you might be surprised at just how much space you can conjure during your bathroom renovation with a few clever additions. Check these out for a start:

Bathroom makeover storage

Other bathroom makeover must-haves

Before you get started on any renovation, it’s important to consider the basics. For the bathroom, this means tiles, flooring, and walls. What colour scheme is your new bathroom going to follow? Are you going for a contemporary look, or something more traditional? How much have you got to spend, and what kind of space do you have to work with? Have you considered:

  • Which tiles are you going to use, and where?
  • Do you have a colour theme picked out?
  • Do you need underfloor heating?
  • Are heated towel rails a must-have?

Interior design

If colour schemes and tile selection are enough to make your head spin, it’s worthwhile enlisting the services of an experienced interior designer. This is especially important if you’re hoping to add value to your home and plan to sell it later. Well-designed bathrooms can add incredible value to your home, and can make or break a sale for many home buyers. So, be sure to consider the longevity of the design you choose.

An great interior designer will help ensure that your bathroom is functional and can accommodate each of the members of your household, whilst also creating a luxurious places that’s relaxing and invigorating.

If your bathroom is anything but a sanctuary right now, consider kicking off your home renovation with a bathroom makeover. Get it touch with us at Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors today, and be on your way to bathroom heaven in 2019.