Choosing the Best Shower head For You

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The humble shower head. Many customers ask us “what is the best shower head” and we understand why. You can make a huge impact in your bathroom by simply changing the shower head. The difference in functionality and aesthetics from such a simple change can be astounding. For most people the shower will be where they spend a majority of their time in the bathroom. So why not put in the time and money to find yourself the best shower head. Don’t worry, we know not everyone has time to stay up with the latest trends in shower heads. It’s not the most riveting subject for most. Luckily it is our business to know these things at Intrend Bathrooms. We have put together this little piece to showcase the top trends and what to look for when thinking about shower heads. We have been around long enough to spot the fads from the trends. When it comes to the best shower heads it has been no different, there have been booms and busts in trends. Let’s walk through some of the different options available and point out there pros and cons.

Wall Mounted Shower Head

The most traditional shower head is the classic wall mounted style. This type of shower head has fallen out of popularity as of recent. The main advantage of the classic wall mounted style is that they are inexpensive and can be easily installed. If you are looking to stay within a very strict budget then a classic wall mounted shower head may be the best option for you. Although there hasn’t been much innovation in this style there are a few extras you can get, such as water pressure controls and water conservation mechanisms. This is your pick if you want the run of the mill choice on a budget.

Rainfall Shower Head

Rainfall shower heads have become very popular in recent years. On the Gold Coast we have seen a huge adoption of this style, especially in higher-end builds. One of the biggest advantages that this type of shower head holds is its aesthetic appeal. They are a beautiful addition to your bathroom that can become a prominent feature. When running they allude to rain, giving a natural and pure ambience to the space. On the flipside they often offer less functionality than other styles of shower head and they can also be quite costly. One of the more popular styles of rainfall shower is ceiling mounted. Unlike a traditional shower head that comes from the wall, a ceiling mounted shower head protrudes directly from the ceiling. This style leaves a clean finish as you cannot see any of the plumbing, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal. Unfortunately it can be costly and sometimes difficult to run the necessary pipes and plumbing into the ceiling compared to the wall.

Handheld Shower Head

This is the go to for functionality. A handheld shower head is simply a shower head that is not constrained to the wall but can be picked up and moved around while operating. Commonly handheld shower heads also come with a variety of functional mechanisms attached, such as water pressure and spray type. If you are all about getting in and getting the job done when it comes to showering then look no further. These days there is a large range of different handheld shower heads within a large spectrum of pricing.

Twin Shower Head

Want the best of both worlds? We realise the grass is always greener, so why not spoil yourself and just get it all. To get more function out of your shower it is popular to have both an overhead/rainfall style shower head and a portable hand held shower head. This combo offers both the looks and the function that each shower head provide on their own, in one perfect little package. The one disadvantage of this choice is that you have to pay for it. A rainfall shower is generally more expensive, so when you add on another shower head it gets even more expensive. But if you want the premium showering experience look no further. Like all the other styles there is a spectrum of pricing, surprisingly you can get this done quite modestly.

Sliding Bar Shower Head

This style of shower offers the highest level of functionality. Many consider this the best shower head because of its functionality. It is usually a hand held shower head attached to a bar that can be easily adjusted for height and angle. If you have a large family and will have many people of different sizes using the same shower then this is often the best choice. It can be relatively cheap and easy to install this kind of set up and you can have all the bells and whistles that the best handheld shower heads have to offer.

The Last Spray On Best Shower Head

Whatever your showering desires are, there is an option for you. Finding the best shower head for your needs isn’t that difficult when you speak to the experts. If you need a hand make sure to get in touch with us at Intrend Bathrooms. We have been designing and building stellar bathrooms for over 15 years all across the Gold Coast. We have the expertise to help you on your next bathroom renovation. Get in touch with us via phone 0407 472 883 or online