Buyers guide: 5 highly rated toilets for sale in Australia

toilets for your bathroom renovation

Often the toilet in your bathroom, ensuite or powder room can be left as an afterthought in comparison to more design focused elements such as feature tiling or basins. However, the toilet is a vital element of your bathroom renovation—a feature that is used regularly and must be comfortable, hygienic and stylish, in order for […]

Avoid these out-dated bathroom trends

bathroom renovation 2021

It’s important to understand when to commit to a new trend and when you should just let it pass you by. Some of the gaudier trends that we saw in 2018-2020 are losing steam fast due to their relatively obvious unappealing nature. If in doubt, always opt for a white or neutral colour palette and […]

Why a powder room is the perfect addition to any home

powder room bathroom renovations

Powder rooms are an important part of a home design as they provide an added level of comfort and convenience for the entire family as well as guests. Generally, powder rooms are positioned in an extremely easy-to-access space within the home, often this area is adjacent to the main entertaining zones of the home, such […]

Are double showers worth it?

luxury bathroom renovation with double shower heads

If you are planning an upcoming bathroom renovation and have been contemplating installing a double shower, see below for some major benefits to having a double shower in comparison to the traditional single shower design. More space is never a negative! The bathroom is understandably a very important area of the home, one that is […]

Buyers guide: 2020-bathroom vanities ideal for renovators.

marble top vanity for bathroom renovation

If you’re about to renovate your bathroom and are in need of some expert advice on the most luxurious yet practical bathroom vanities available to the Australian market, Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors has you covered with our ultimate 2020-bathroom vanities buyers guide.    The bathroom vanity is a key element to every bathroom—you must dissect […]

Considering refinancing or claiming a tax deduction for your renovation?

main beach bathroom renovation

  We understand there is so much to consider when deciding whether or not to proceed with a bathroom renovation. Everyone thinking about undertaking a bathroom renovation is trying to weigh up functionality, practicality, design elements, potential blunders and of course finances! Spending your hard earned cash on something means you want to ensure you’re […]

Are Bathroom renovations financially worth it?

Burleigh bathroom renovation

Firstly, we can concur that bathroom renovations (although they are not cheap or classified as a simple weekend project) if you execute the design correctly and use quality materials and tradespeople you have the potential to recoup the majority of your costs. Some more niche renovations will not make sense cost wise and provide little […]

A sneak peek at the biggest bathroom trends 2020 has in store for us!

modern bathroom vanity in new bathroom renovation

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll tell you again, good bathrooms sell houses! With a bathroom renovation proven to have a very high return on investment we get why you’ve decided to jump on into a reno! We are fast approaching 2020 – so don’t be left behind by utilising 2019 trends, make sure you’re […]

Who can I rely on to execute my bathroom renovations properly?

main beach bathroom renovation, shower in bath, black tapware, grey tiles

  Avoid the cheap and nasty!   It may be tempting to save money where you can – and doing this by engaging a tradesperson or ‘handy person’ found on an online platform who doesn’t necessarily have the adequate qualifications and/or relevant experience in the bathroom renovation sector may be dangerous. Despite whether they assure […]