Bathroom styling trends for winter 2019

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Considering a bathroom renovation this coming winter? Renovating a bathroom means making literally hundreds of decisions along the way. With seemingly limitless options, even getting started can seem overwhelming. Here at Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors, we like to keep on top of the latest trends and the newest in materials to help make your renovation stress-free and, best of all, exciting!
A great place to start your renovation wish list is the showroom. We recommend taking a look at our gallery to see some of our recent projects. Then, it’s time to hit the Reece Bathrooms showroom and take a look at the latest and greatest in bathroom design: From taps, to bathtubs, to storage, lighting and more. Their showroom in Bundall is a huge source of inspiration for Gold Coast home owners. Here, you can compare pricing options depending on your budget, and take a look at colours, textures and styles you might not have considered.
Don’t have time to get there just now? We’ve put together a list of the latest trends in bathroom design for winter 2019.

Keeping it traditional

renovations Gold Coast

Not big on over-the-top design statements and ultra-modern looks? Keeping your bathroom traditional is an option that can not only give your home a timeless look, but can add value in case you’re wanting to sell your home at a later date. A more traditional bathroom will also transition seamlessly from winter to spring and summer.

Opt for a neutral colour palette, which will give you a blank canvass to work with. Adding wintry touches like plush new towels and spiced soaps and hand lotions will bring the room to life.

A neutral colour scheme doesn’t have to be bland, either. Have some fun with dark and light tones, transitioning from deeper shades on the floor, to clean and crisp whites and greys on the walls, cupboards and blinds. This will give your bathroom and light and airy atmosphere, without feeling cold.

When selecting tap ware, keep things simple with the traditional stainless steel fixtures. Then, opt for rimless mirrors to open up the space further. Finally, to keep things cosy this winter, opt for warm lighting  such as a statement chandelier light fixture.

Coastal chic

Gold Coast luxury bathroom renovations

Of course, the coastal chic concept is more of a staple than a trend on the beautiful Gold Coast, and our great weather means that it’s a fitting bathroom style all year round. Like the traditional style, a neutral colour palette works well here, however, switching out the greys and whites for warmer tones adds that beachy vibe to your bathroom.

Keep things modern and help add depth and colour by adding some stylish metallic fixtures. And finally, a splash of white doesn’t go astray on your cabinetry and blinds. Then, it’s time to decorate with some indoor plants to really bring home that tropical, beach feel.


Port Melbourne Main Bathroom
Port Melbourne neo-classical bathroom. Image credit: Reece

This modern style is growing in popularity across the country, thanks to the likes of The Block and other renovation shows. If you’re comfortable with a more edgy, modern feel, opt for bold, large and textured tiles and feature colours, whilst keeping your walls, floors and fittings in the same shade. Check out the great range of tile options from Nerang Tiles in their ‘inspiration‘ section for some great ideas and the latest styles.

Complete the look with ultra-modern tap ware and accessories.


renovations Gold Coast

The Scandi look we all love isn’t just for the living room! This simple, minimalist style does equally well in the bathroom. The key to pulling off this trend is to focus on the functional: Clever storage options, clean lines, and quality design.

A free-standing bathtub does wonders for this style, as does layering. Think white walls, warm wooden touches in the cabinetry, and white, grey or black tiles paired with coloured grout to really step things up a notch. Finally, add a wooden stool, and indoor plant, and fluffy, white towels to accessorise the look for this winter.