Bathroom Storage Miracles

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If there’s one universal truth about bathrooms, it’s that storage is always an issue. Whether you’re living in an apartment, or occupying a glorious 3000 square foot bungalow, bathroom storage is going to cause you nightmares.

What, with all those towels, toilet roles, hair curling accessories, soaps, hand wash, decorative sea shells; you’re bound to end up with crowded counter tops before you know it. Fortunately, there are some clever storage warriors out there who have come up with some very trendy, and space-saving ideas for any bathroom storage dramas. Whether you’re redecorating, renovating or simply up to your ears in the family’s bathroom paraphernalia, there’s a solution for you!

Clever shelves for small spaces

The clever folk at Classy Clutter have put together some great space-saving ideas for smaller bathrooms. No need to throw away your 765 nail polishes, or banish the children to showers outside (lest they mess up your freshly-folded towels and neatly stacked toilet rolls!) Here’s one of our favourites.

Clever Shelves
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The clever use of small shelves over your toilet or vanity can give you a surprising amount of storage space! Rather than just throwing things onto shelves willy-nilly, try some wicker baskets. Available just about anywhere, and not hard on the budget, these baskets can give your bathroom a whole new look and feel. Pairing darker baskets with bright coloured towels will achieve a modern look, whereas using classic white towels and the bare wicker baskets will give you that country-style, warm and cosy look.

Making the most of nooks and crannies

You may have no space for hanging extra shelving in your bathroom, as the walls are already packed (or perhaps you don’t want to hide your incredible tiles? Fair enough!) Not to worry, there are still some very clever bathroom storage solutions for your space. Have you ever considered turning that vanity cupboard (you know – the one that’s filled with 6 year-old, half empty bottles of shampoo and a dozen types of hair product you’ve never used?) into towel storage? We’ve been following the Pinterest clan at Home Bunch, who’ve taken inspiration from high-end designers like Tracy Lynn Studio. This classic bathroom unit has been given a modern makeover with a lick of sleek, grey paint. Furthermore, they’ve removed the door from one of the cabinets, and used it as towel storage space instead. Not only does it look fantastic, but it’s making the best use of the tight space. We love this look, how about you?

Nooks and Crannies
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Clever use of corners

Wall and floor space is often limited, leaving few options for extra bathroom storage. Adding a cabinet or storage unit can make a room feel more cramped, and can even make it inaccessible and impractical. However, there are ways to use the ‘wasted’ space of corners around the room for extra storage – all you need is a little creativity with the pieces you choose.

Check out this look form Ibibo on Pinterest. Clever use of a rustic ladder, paired with some wire baskets has given this room a fantastic amount of extra storage; for towels, magazines, soaps and more. Rather than making the room feel cramped and pokey, it adds warmth and light.

Clever Bathroom Storage
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Recessed cavities

If you’re having the bathroom renovated, and looking to add more storage, consider recessed cavities. Not only are they a great space-saving idea in the bathroom, they also look fantastic. Your bathroom renovator will help you to create this look (don’t attempt it by yourself!) Rather than glass shelving, or hanging shower caddies, this look leaves your shower feeling spacious and luxurious. Not to mention easier to clean! You can give your whole bathroom a fresh new feel with some modern, statement tiles while you’re at it.

Recesses Bathroom Storage