Bathroom Renovation Traps To Avoid

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A bathroom renovation project can help improve the aesthetic appeal of your house. This post about bathroom renovation traps to avoid will help you make the best decisions for your bathroom renovation. Despite being smaller in size, bathrooms are considered the most expensive to renovate. When conducted in a well-planned and adequate manner however, a bathroom renovation can improve the value of your home by over 10%. Besides being an excellent investment, a bathroom renovation is also a sure shot way to feel proud about your space.

When you fail to take the right decision and give in to those renovation traps, not only does your budget goes out of control but also the value addition that you expect isn’t achieved either. Since prevention is better than regretting later on, here are some bathroom renovation traps to avoid.

Over Spending or Under Spending

There are certain factors depending on which you set your budget. Amongst the top ones include the overall value of your property, the style of your bathroom space, the appeal of your home and above all your individual requirements. A practical design is considered apt in a space where the family resides as there’s naturally more reliance on bathrooms. This differs from a bathroom meant for a retired couple residing in a small one bedroom apartment. It also depends on the style of your home. Your bathroom, after all, must complement the overall appeal of your house. It also comes down to how much you can afford. While overspending is a mistake, underspending is also not a great idea. The same can reduce the value of your property. This is one of the most important bathroom renovation traps to avoid.

Trusting On an Unlicensed Builder

In Queensland, it’s necessary for companies and individuals to hold a QBCC license in order to carry out any building work over $3,300 and building work over $1,100 which consists of hydraulic service design. Even in buildings where plumbing, gas fitting, drainage, fire protection or pest control etc. are required, a QBCC license is required regardless of the value of the work. Therefore, when you hire a QBCC licensed worker for your bathroom renovation project, you get an assurance of all the things- drainage, pest control, fire protection etc. A QBCC licensed builder comes with a lot of warranties and protection. They deal with complaints on an everyday basis and are hence expert in tackling different types of problems.

Contracting Dubious Tradespeople

While you might be tempted to do your best to save money when carrying on the bathroom renovation task, there are certain things where cost-cutting mustn’t be considered. A person doing the renovation job tops the list in this regard. Only experienced talents possessing proper licenses and insurance must be hired for the same. A professional must be hired for carrying out plumbing and electrical work as well. Either you can take the plunge of finding the right people yourself or pay a specialised company to manage it for you. Doing this would give you peace of mind that your bathroom is in safe hands. Waterproofing is also an important aspect to take care of and must be performed by trained professionals only.

Going By the Trends Rather Than Functionality

Trends might come and go but what remains forever is the functionality of a given space. Selecting a style that strikes a perfect balance between the two is the best thing that you can do. Sometimes the less is more. Keeping it simple yet in synch with the style of your home is important. Unless you plan to renovate your entire house, you must go with whatever goes well with the existing appeal of your house. Simply improving the bathroom won’t do much if the rest of your house looks outdated after all. Doing thorough research goes a long way in ensuring that you are getting the best item under your estimated budget. When buying imported fittings, the same must comply with the Australian standards.

Bathroom Renovation Traps To Avoid. Intrend Can Help

If you are planning to get a bathroom renovation on the Gold Coast the team at Intrend are here to help. We will come to your home, answer any questions you might have, measure and send you through our quote. We will make sure you are happy during the entire bathroom renovation process. Contact the team today!