Bathroom Renovation Cost In Australia

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A bathroom renovation is a common thing on mind when sprucing up your home, improving the value of your property or increasing the rental return on an investment property. Before taking on the plunge, however, you would always like to set your budget, considering the bathroom renovation cost in Australia. It has been found by the Housing Industry Association (HIA) that the average expenses of undertaking bathroom renovation project in Australia was $17,522 while the cost of a new bathroom installation was estimated to be $16,430 approx during 2018. These figures are quite deceiving. How much your bathroom renovation would cost you fluctuates and depends on your personal needs, style, and circumstances. The size of your bathroom is another factor on which your budget might depend. Depending on the size, the price can range from as low as $5000 to as high as $25,000 or more.

Whether you are planning to do a few cosmetic changes or looking for complete renovation, one thing that is pretty sure is that the value of your property would improve.  Here are a few factors that might influence the bathroom renovation cost.

How Is Bathroom Renovation Cost Determined?

There are numerous factors that might cause some bathroom renovation to cost lower or higher than others. Some of them include:

·         Whether structural work is required or not

·         Whether you are planning to install high-end floor tiles and fittings etc.

·         Whether you are considering adding new windows or skylights etc.

·         The size of the bathroom- ensuite or a large one

·         Whether installing or moving plumbing or fixtures is a part or not

·         Whether you intend to install a new bathroom altogether

·         Whether you wish to add more luxury elements such as under floor heating

·         How much of the electrical work is required

A budget bathroom renovation cost is estimated somewhere between $5,000 and $15,000 while a standard bathroom renovation would cost you $15,000 and $25,000 approx. A premium renovation, on the other hand, costs over $25,000.

Bathroom Styles and Fittings

Depending upon the style you wish your bathroom to exude and the type of fittings you are seeking to install, the cost of your bathroom renovation project may vary. Budget tiles, for instance, would be anywhere from $30 to $55 per square meter while luxury tiles would cost $165m2 or more. Similar variations are present in terms of bathtub and toilets as well. Cost of other fittings such as basins, shower screens, exhaust fans, taps, towel rails, bathroom lighting, and tapware, etc. vary as well, depending on the model you are opting for.  Therefore, it becomes important to carry out thorough research. This shall help you find your ideal fittings at a range that you can afford.

Tradespeople Required For the Job

Unless you are an expert and know how to handles all the tools, you would require some tradesmen to carry on the bathroom renovation task for you. Similar to the types of fittings that are required, the cost you would bear on the trades would depend on the things you need to get done. The cost of trades in a metropolitan or capital would always be higher than that of a regional region. Some of the common trades that a typical bathroom makeover would require include a tiler, electrician, plumber, carpenter and perhaps a handyman. A plumber would move and add plumbing while also taking care of bath, toilet and shower installations. An electrician would help install underfloor heating, exhaust fans, new lighting, etc. A tiler would help waterproof all the floors and walls and a carpenter would take care of the bathroom cabinets and shelves. Whenever hiring a tradesman, you must always check the licensing to ensure your bathroom is in safe hands.

Finding the Best Tradies

The charges charged by different tradies would always differ. While some charge on an hourly basis, others would charge per job. When finding an ideal tradie, recommendations are the best thing to seek since they come from people who have already experienced the services. Getting more than one recommendation always works in your favour by getting you the right tradie who is easy to work with. If you’ve already hired some tradie in the past, you can ask him for recommendations as well. They work in groups which is why they know of other tradies that might help you complete your bathroom renovation project. Also, do a background check to ensure you are in terms with the right people. Looking for online reviews and testimonials helps too. Get three different quotes to have an idea of the price and avoid overpaying.

Bathroom Renovation Cost Conclusion

Whether you are planning to do bathroom renovations on the Gold Coast or elsewhere, keeping these things in mind would help you make an informed decision. It shall also help you set your budget right and improve the value of your home within the price that you can afford. 

Contact the Intrend Bathrooms team for any questions, concerns or a free measure and quote.