Are double showers worth it?

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If you are planning an upcoming bathroom renovation and have been contemplating installing a double shower, see below for some major benefits to having a double shower in comparison to the traditional single shower design.

More space is never a negative!

The bathroom is understandably a very important area of the home, one that is used numerous times throughout the day often by multiple people. A double shower gives a real upmarket, luxurious feel to your bathroom. This is an area which can be enjoyed by couples together winding down after a long day and they also help in making tasks such as bathing children and pets far more spacious and convenient.

They can add value to your home.

A double shower creates an oasis feel in an ordinary bathroom and can give your home a competitive edge. A double shower is a sought-after commodity, especially in suburban areas which tend to appeal heavily to families and couples. If you decide to commit to adding a double
shower in your upcoming bathroom renovation, don’t worry about losing money (if you stay sensible with your choice in extras), as you’re bound to recoup more than you’ve spent in a competitive sellers’ market.


Double showers allow two people to get ready for an event simultaneously. This means you won’t have to wait for your partner to finish washing their hair in order to have your turn. Double showers have been known to minimise arguments and increase intimacy in relationships too!

Highly rated water saving shower heads available in Australia.

Couples can save time and water while showering together, especially if you choose shower heads that are water saving and efficient, without compromising the flow and water pressure. Here are some of the market leading shower heads available in Australia for your upcoming
bathroom renovation.

  1. Caroma Fixed Overhead Shower – Black – $299
    With a WELS Water Efficiency rating of 4 Stars, the Caroma Fixed Overhead Shower has flow regulators to ensure a consistent flow of water under a range of water pressures. This design is complete with rub clean silicone nozzles and is also available in brushed nickel and brushed
  2. Caroma Urbane II 200mm Square Rain Shower – Gunmetal – $389
    With a WELS Water Efficiency rating of 4 Stars, the Caroma Urban II, is ideal for a contemporary bathroom upgrade for any Australian home. This water efficient shower head can be paired with other accessories from the Urbane II range to create a cohesive bathroom look. It is available in chrome, matte black, PVD brushed nickel and PVD brushed brass.
  3. Caroma Urbane II 200mm Round Rain Shower – Matte Black – $329
    With the same features as the above Square Caroma Urbane II rain shower, this round version is a popular and affordable choice for many bathroom renovators. It is available in chrome, PVD brushed nickel, PVD brushed brass and PVD gunmetal. This model comes with a 20-year warranty and the look can be complete with additional products from the Caroma Urbane II Bathroom Collection.
  4. Caroma Luna Multifunction Rail Shower with Overhead – Brushed Nickel – $599
    This highly water efficient Caroma designed shower with overhead, has a 4-star WELS rating and a flow rate of up to 7.5L per minute. This Caroma product has a high-quality brass construction meaning it is built to last and ideal for high traffic bathrooms. This rail shower is also available in a stylish black, which is ideal for most contemporary style bathroom themes.