Are Bathroom renovations financially worth it?

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Firstly, we can concur that bathroom renovations (although they are not cheap or classified as a simple weekend project) if you execute the design correctly and use quality materials and tradespeople you have the potential to recoup the majority of your costs. Some more niche renovations will not make sense cost wise and provide little return on investment, but fortunately for bathrooms that is not the case.


Bathrooms are a heavily utilised space within a home and are a vital element both buyers and investors pay close attention to. If you’re adding an additional bathroom or half-bath to your home in a space that is currently underutilised, this also has a proven track record of providing a fantastic return. The great part is, that with bathroom renovations, you have the freedom to work to a budget by analysing the types of additions/accessories you include, then pricing everything up prior to commencing your renovation.


If you are wondering how much to spend on your renovations – this largely depends on your intentions with your property. If you’re a homeowner/occupier who is planning on staying in your existing home for 5+ years, invest what you can afford for the upgrades that will make your life easier and that will be the most aesthetically pleasing and cohesive with your existing home design. This may mean you’re desperate for an open double head shower, or a modest bath pushed into the corner to simplify bath time for your young family.


If your intention is to renovate and sell – take a slightly different approach and think about what will maximise your return. Use midrange materials for a midrange property, that are installed by qualified professionals in a neutral or monochromatic colour palette. Buyers are looking for open spaces, luxury and streamlined modern design and quality craftsmanship.


Architecture Australia recommends you allow between $12,000 and $27,000 to fit out a bathroom or ensuite. In saying this, there are extremely large variances in incomes throughout Australia and the value of the home naturally is what will help you decide on what is appropriate.


What should I do design wise that will sell my property faster?


Ok, thank us later, but we are about to save you from watching hours of home improvement shows by helping you quickly decipher what will be the safest, most stylish and future proof design elements to incorporate into your upcoming bathroom renovation. Basically, what you put into your bathroom renovation, you’re likely to recoup a major percentage of, if of course you execute it right.



feature tile in bathroom renovation
photo from Nerang Tiles


Incorporate high quality, stone, terrazzo or tile pieces which are interesting and unique to themselves. These materials are often comprised of natural ingredients – which make them far more intriguing and engrossing than just the general porcelain tiles. You can purchase one of the many products off the shelf or have custom colours and mixes made from eccentric hues to more natural tones. Anything from sleek monochromatic design to creative mosaic statement bathrooms can be achieved with this.


walk in shower bathroom renovation



Open or walk-in showers have proven to be fantastic for resale as they cater for those who may have mobility issues such as the elderly, young children or people with disabilities. Open showers reduce moisture accumulation in the bathroom and


bathroom renovation runaway bay


keep your bathroom looking sparkling clean for longer. An open shower allows you to achieve a more contemporary and inviting look and can be teamed with glass, tile, terrazzo and even wood to produce a tranquil and luxury space to unwind in at the end of a busy day, or used to reinvigorate you first thing in the morning!


pink sink bathroom vanity


You’re no longer restricted to the generic chrome taps, handles, showerheads and hooks! Get creative and make your fittings an admirable feature in your new bathroom. A safe and on trend choice is to contrast against your white and neutral colour palette with golds or coppers or your grey/monochrome colour palettes with streamline matte black tapware and hardware.

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