A sneak peek at the biggest bathroom trends 2020 has in store for us!

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You’ve heard it before, but we’ll tell you again, good bathrooms sell houses! With a bathroom renovation proven to have a very high return on investment we get why you’ve decided to jump on into a reno!

We are fast approaching 2020 – so don’t be left behind by utilising 2019 trends, make sure you’re taking into consideration your future buyers and investors when executing design!

Here is a sneak peek of what we expect to see on a design front for bathrooms in 2020.



Timeless bathroom renovation


Timeless Colour Palettes


Think neutral and light-toned colours – these schemes will act as a safety net and are far less likely to date in the coming years. White, lightwood, and grey tones, marble, terrazzo and the concrete-look will also continue to prevail in 2020 as many upmarket hotels and spas both locally and internationally are embracing this trend. Naturally, the big names design tactics, always manage to make inroads into domestic household design trends, which is really beneficial for you to know when trying to narrow down your palette.

Millennial pink or ‘rose gold’ tones, wood imitation tiles, red-toned wood or hexagon tiles are all on their way out from a design perspective so be sure to avoid these along with too much chrome!

modern bathroom vanity in new bathroom renovation


Modernised Finishes


Incorporating terrazzo in your design allows you to create a modern spa-like retreat in your own home. These intensely durable materials have been utilised for centuries and are comprised of composite surfaces made from marble chips, glass and stone – then set in a resin or cement basin. There is a vast colour palette to choose from so you can go subtle or create features within your space. You can achieve this look through custom pours, purchase this design in the form of slabs or achieve the look in a more low-cost way by utilising terrazzo-look tiles.

Terrazzo gives a crisp and powerful result aesthetically when utilised in bathroom renovations. This is one of the most sustainable and green products on the market as it’s usually created from a mixture of recycled products then polished, honed or

sandblasted. Terrazzo also looks fantastic in kitchens so if you want to carry a bathroom feature into your kitchen for cohesion – this is the perfect material to do so with!



Open Showers


The name says it all – open, multi-functional and grand open showers will be a true statement in your new bathroom. They don’t close off the space or segment your bathroom; they actually give the illusion that your space is larger than it is – which makes them perfect for both smaller and larger floorplans. These walk-in designs can be partitioned with frameless glass that provides an unobstructed view if desired. If you don’t have excessive square metres to work with, a doorless shower can often be placed where your tub is currently, which allows you to gain on average 50% more usable area in your bathroom. This makes a huge difference visually and practically!


ensuite bathroom renovation black fittings white tiles


Minimalist Fittings


Tapware is like the jewellery of your bathroom. But a major difference between tapware and diamonds is that you can achieve a sophisticated and high-end look and feel without the hefty price tag. By choosing the right tapware you can create a dramatic impact without spending a fortune or majorly altering structural aspects of the room. Specifically, with open showers you can utilise a sleek and modern rain- mount showerhead that comes down from the ceiling that can be used to saturate the entire space, this is a major upgrade from the standard small chrome showerheads, which will have an everlasting effect visually for your bathroom. You’ll find many bathroom hardware designers will be putting an emphasis on the minimalist design of their products in 2020 with the most on trend colours being brushed or shined black, copper or gold.


bathroom renovation lighting


Both Functional and Incredible Lighting!


Bathroom lighting can transform the space aesthetically and is a vital component of your bathroom for practicality purposes too. 2020 trends are about encompassing minimal and linear lighting arrangements in order to highlight other statement aspects in your bathroom – such as your colour palette, stone, tile or fittings choices. Pendant lighting can be invasive to your space, so be sure to create clean lines through installing light strips, subtle downward lighting or even a mirror with integrated lighting.


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