Bathroom Renovation Sink Styles 

Bathroom Renovation Sink Styles Gold Coast

Making your home aesthetically appealing does require some serious efforts. A little detailing here and there and something unique that goes with the style of your house always works in your favour. While there are innumerable things that can help add glamor to your adobe, it all starts with the basic things such as tiles, fittings, cabinet styles, hardware and more. One thing that is often ignored while designing a house is bathroom sinks. Usually, a standard one is the most obvious choice. There are many different styles available in the market however, that can be considered. Here are a few bathroom renovation sink styles that have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years

Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks had been quite popular. Although they disappeared for a while some time back and went out of fashion, they came back with a bang. When it comes to bathroom renovations, pedestal sinks are probably the best. Found in most of the houses, pedestal sinks are ideal for most of the bathroom types. They are suitable especially in bathrooms with restricted space. They lend an airy and open feel to a bathroom. If you prefer more storage space however, then pedestal sinks might not be the best choice.

Console Sinks

Although similar to pedestal sinks, console sinks are known to have built-in-storage. Not only do they offer adequate countertop space but also leave space underneath for keeping baskets and stuff. They eliminate the need for additional floor space by adding more storage and texture to a bathroom. They can either be freestanding or mounted to a wall. They can also be supported on legs (2-4), which if wide enough can let you store toiletry items. Towel bars can also be accommodated with a few types of console sinks. Such sinks appear too large in restricted bathroom spaces.

Vessel Sink

If you wish to add a style statement to your bathroom and make it the central point of attraction, Vanity sinks are the best choice. They are placed atop the vanity to allow adequate cabinet storage space. They are also quite easy to install. Vessel sinks are available in different types of materials and built. For this reason, the prices often vary. Vanity storage which is less than the height of your sink is also required when using a vessel sink.

Drop-In Sink

Also known as self-rimming sinks, drop-in sinks are those that are fitted inside a hole cut in the countertop. Besides being popular, these sinks suit different requirements since they can be made to fit in custom made cabinets. Their maintenance is also not that big a task. The entire sink is secured with the help of a sealant. Vanity cabinets of such sinks tend to be ideal hideouts for drainage pipe and water supplies. Wiping out water from the counter into the sink is a bit difficult however in drop in sinks.

Bathroom Renovation Sink Styles Conclusion

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